Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Brands, Families, Consumption and Society

Parents feel under enormous pressure to provide children with high status brands to avoid them being picked upon and bullied. Valuing such possessions was a particular feature of UK family life. Could it be that craving such material possessions is a syptom of the search for self esteem that is absent due to a lack of quality time spent with parents. And do we as parents make sure that we set a good example ? Another report shows that UK children are amongst the unhappiest in the developed world and what they really want is time with parents rather than more stuff. Easier said that delivered when many parents are working long hours to make ends meet or to cover large mortgage payments etc !

Tesco in trouble for telling porkies

Tesco have had a TV advert banned because the images contained within were deemed misleading. This provides a good example of the substantiation doctrine and illustrates that it applies to images as well as text.